Proactive Vibration Guard for alerting containers

Burglary at construction sites is increasing according to the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ). Stop the thief before it's too late with Vibration Guard for container.

Break-ins at construction sites 2020

From problem to problem solver

The development of our alarms for containers is in the experience we get from our customers. At DataChassi, we want to offer you container alarms that are reliable and easy to handle as well as giving you help and assistance that solves your problems to keep what belongs to you.

Stop the thief –
before it's too late

As thefts increase in scope, the importance of securing equipment, materials, goods, etc. increases. With the help of advanced technology, our proactive Vibration Guard detects damage in the container early and warns before a burglary is complete. The vibration guard is small and flexible, which makes it suitable for mounting where space is limited. We offer installation, advice, follow-up and monitoring of the alarm's activity, etc.


The Vibration Guard functions as a shell protection and reacts to vibrations that occur when a container is broken into.


The vibration monitor is connected to DC Alarm. For maximum protection, it can also be combined with our IR Sensor. The Vibration Guard is easy to mount, move and adapt as needed.


Installation, advice, follow-up and monitoring of the alarm's activity.

With advanced technology and high protection against disturbances in the environment, the Vibration Guard senses early vibrations that propagate in the walls and roof of the container. The Vibration Guard is connected to DC Alarm, which through sound and light "tells" unauthorized persons to leave. If this does not happen, an SMS is sent to a predetermined recipient with a photograph of what is happening in front of the object at the time of the alarm.

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