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The development of our alarms and solutions is in the experience we get from our customers. At DataChassi Alarms, we want to offer you solutions that are reliable and easy to handle as well as giving you help and assistance that solves your problems to keep what belongs to you.

DC Alarm is based on our radar-based alarm that actively protects your property and warns of unwelcome visitors before the crime occurs. The alarm is placed on the outside of a container door, construction shed or similar. DC Alarm works independently or together with our IR sensor and/or vibration monitor which then monitors the inside of the object.

  • Targets an object such as a construction machine, container, fuel tank, etc
  • Warning with sound and light
  • Camera and GPS
  • Sends SMS including a link to a picture and position to defined contact numbers
  • On/Off control thru mobile phone and/or automatically

IR sensor is connected to our base unit (DC Larm) which is advantageously placed inside the object. A DC Alarm solution can consist of up to four IR sensors. Thus we have a protection both on the outside as well as the inside of the object e.g. a container, construction shed or a house under construction.


With advanced technology and high protection against disturbances in the environment, the Vibration Guard senses early vibrations that propagate in the walls and roof of the container. The Vibration Guard is connected to DC Alarm, which through sound and light "tells" unauthorized persons to leave. If this does not happen, an SMS is sent to a predetermined recipient with a photograph of what is happening in front of the object at the time of the alarm.

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A hatchswitch is, simply put, a power switch located behind a hatch, door, or similar structure. The hatchswitch is connected to a DC Alarm, and when the hatch is opened, the DC Alarm triggers an alert with sound and light to thus "communicate" to unauthorized individuals to leave. If this doesn't happen, a text message is sent to a predetermined recipient with a photograph of what is happening in front of the object at the time of the alarm.

A flash light connected to our base unit. The lamp emits a strong, unpleasant flash light that makes it more difficult for burglars and "tells" unauthorized persons to leave.

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An impact protection for our base unit. In harsh environments, the alarm protection helps to protect the base unit from impact and other external influences.

This solution is suitable when external power is not regularly available.

We connect the solar panel to the alarm providing full functionality of the alarm

DC Larm are able to offer a supervising service 24/7. The service provider supervise, sort and prioritize incoming alarms. This service is suitable in case you prefer not to manage incoming alarms yourself.

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Our alarms and solutions' primary goal is to prevent burglary. Because DC Alarm can cover objects both indoors and outdoors, our customers receive comprehensive protection. DC Alarms can be easily adapted to the customer's needs to protect different objects. Because our solutions are easy to assemble and disassemble, they can easily be moved to the next workplace or object.

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