DC Alarm for container

Burglary at construction sites is increasing according to the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ). Stop the thief before it's too late with DC Alarm for container.

Break-ins at construction sites 2020

From problem to problem solver

The development of our alarms for containers is in the experience we get from our customers. At DataChassi, we want to offer you container alarms that are reliable and easy to handle as well as giving you help and assistance that solves your problems to keep what belongs to you.

Stop the thief –
before it's too late

As the number of thefts increases, the importance of securing equipment, materials, goods, etc. increases. We develop, manufacture and sell alarms for containers. Our alarms are flexible, which makes it easy to install and use, but also easy to move to the next container. There is also the possibility of integration with different systems as well as security companies. We offer installation, advice, follow-up and monitoring of the alarm's activity, etc.


Our unique radar solution discovers and prevents thefts before it actually happens.


Easy to assemble, move and adapt as needed.


Installation, advice, follow-up and monitoring of the alarm's activity.

”After several burglaries and attempted burglaries, we got tired and realized it was time to do something. Burglary costs a lot of money in operational disruption, materials and time. We have tested different solutions and stuck with DC Alarm. An object alarm that works in practice. We have now installed DC Alarm on 6 containers and more of our colleagues in the same area have chosen the same solution. We haven't had a break-in since we installed the DC Alarm”

Kristina Viksten

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