Our products

Our products

Many of our alarms today are installed at various construction sites and the experience shows that proactive alarms, like ours, are extremely effective in preventing thefts. Our continued development are based on the input and suggestions from our customers. DC Larm is eager to offer products that are reliable and easy to use as well as support the protection of your belongings.


DC Larm

DC Larm is a radar based alarm that actively protect your belongings and warns for uninvited visitors before the burglary takes place. The alarm is typically placed outside on a container door, construcktion shed or similar. DC Larm operates independantly and together with our IR sensors, protects the inside of the object.

Warning with sound and light
Camera and GPS
Sends SMS including a link to a picture and position to defined contact numbers
On/Off control thru mobile phone and/or automatically

Advanced radar technology

DC Larm is based on radar technology. The alarm detects any intruder before any attempted theft. With the help of light and sound we urge the intruder to leave. If the intruder does not leave the alarm activates with light and a stronger sound as well as sends an SMS to the registered receivers including a link to a picture showing what transpired.


Expand the solution

Our alarms primary objective is to protect from theft. As DC Larm can cover objects, both inside and outside, it provides a full protection. Our alarms are flexible. They can easily be adjusted to the customers different requirements. As they are easy to install and de-install they are suitable to be moved to a new site and/or object.


DataChassi Larm kan nu erbjuda dygnet runt service där vi bevakar, sorterar och prioriterar inkommande larm.

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24/7 Monitoring

DC Larm are able to offer a supervising service 24/7. The service provider supervise, sort and prioritize incoming alarms. This service is suitable in case you prefer not to manage incoming alarms yourself.

Please contact us for more details.


Solar panel

This solution is suitable when external power is not regularly available.

We connect the solar panel to the alarm providing full functionality of the alarm

IR Sensor


New in our product offer is an IR sensor connected to our radar based alarm. It is intended to be placed inside the object to be protected. It is possible to have up to 4 IR sensors. The solution now provides protection both inside and outside of the protected object.

Alarm protection


Further news in our alarm portfolio is a protective cover. This cover protects the alarm from intential or unintentional damage caused at the installation site.

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