Mobile alarm – DC Safelog

Thefts from trailers cause longer stays, frustration and increased costs for several stakeholders in the transport chain. In addition to purely economic aspects, transportation of attractive goods also leads to an increased risk of burglary and assault. For the driver, this will result in less job security.


DC Safelog offers a unique alarm system for professional use in transportation. It relies on simple, existing and proven technology.
You will get an easy to use system with high reliability and without risk
of annoying false alarms.

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The alarm works well in both box trailers, curtain trailers and containers.
The utility is extremely high, the alarm is portable and can be operated via cell phone. Assembly is made by placing magnets on the bottom of the unit, or with suitable fixings.

Thanks to an operating time of up to five days, the alarm can be activated even if the vehicle is parked for a longer period. In case the alarm detects any movements in the cargo area, it will send out a high signal and an alert is also sent to the DC Service Portal, a cell phone and a couple of default numbers of recipients. The GPS indicates the position of the vehicle, making it easy to track.


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Included devices
The alarm system comprises:

  • Ruggedized main unit with
    - Computer unit with processing unit for communication,
    positioning, etc.
    - Battery.
    - Integrated IR sensor with processing unit.
    - Fastener by neodymium magnets.
  • Battery charger for mains operation and connecting cable for charging in vehicles.
  • Transport case.