Service portal - DC Service portal

The DataChassi service portal gives the owner the possibility to manage his / her resources. It can keep track of, for example, a semi trailer’s identity, registration number, etc.
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The portal has four main functions:

• Main dashboard - gives an overview of received alarms and messages plus positions for all units displayed on a map. The operator can get information about the transport, the phone number of the driver and more from here.

• Manage inventory - This is where resources are directed. New vehicles and trailers are registered, including information about the load capability, ID number and more. Vehicles and trailers are managed from here. Which driver is to collect what and when it should be done. All activity can be followed up, alarms and messages that belong to a certain trailer can be monitored in real-time or afterwards.

• Apps - Manages what applications that should be active on any trailer independently from any other. Applications that can be active are for example DC Fence, DC Access or DC Tankguard. An overview of active transports, last known position for parked trailers, the history of alarms and messages can be given here.

• Manage inventory users - administrates who has access to the system and on what level.

It is possible to integrate information from external applications, e.g. the order for transmission to the driver’s mobile phone if DC Access Control is enabled.