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About DataChassi AB

The idea that became DataChassi was born during a discussion regarding the increasing thefts connected to road transportation. The current figure is over 8 billion euro per year in Europe, a number that still increasing, and there are surely also a large number of thefts which are not reported.

The idea in itself occurred during a bus trip to Hannover Fair when Torbjörn Birging and Werner Hilliges discussed whether the newly established CombiQ had the technology that could prevent thefts. Soon the idea of trying to use the technology of reverse sensors emerged, but the plan was to use only echoes up to half a meter from the car. If a person comes closer than that, the intentions are probably bad.

This basic idea was the genesis DC Tankguard in all its versions, and a prototype of an “electronic fence” around the vehicle based on the same technology will be developed during 2013.


In 2011 an IR-based mobile alarmsystem called SafeLog Mobile Alarm, was added through a partnership. This product has been further developed and is currently the DC Safelog.

The applications where DataChassi can be used are:
• Security – i.e security against break-in, diesel thefts and more.
• Efficient logistics administration – a possibility that will partly be
implemented via Access Control and Tracing I DataChassi’s alert system,
i.e. a “mini fleet management system” (FMS).