“Time to stop the increasing diesel thefts” Tomas Bagge CEO Datachassi AB

We need significant steps from all involved parties in order to stop the increasing problem with diesel thefts says Tomas Bagge. The latest reported diesel theft in Sweden occurred in Vänersborg where the local newspaper TTELA reported about a theft emptying a truck diesel tank without any theft protection system. 550 litres of diesel was stolen at an approximate value of 5,500 SEK (http//ttela.se/nyheter/vanersborg/1.3497010-slangade-550-liter-diesel).
Datachassi offers DC Tankguard as a very good protection not only for trucks but also for construction, forestry and agricultural equipment. “On existing installations of DC Tankguard we have zero thefts reported”, says Tomas Bagge.

For further information, please Contact:
Tomas Bagge, CEO Datachassi AB (+46) 0708320621, tomas.bagge@datachassi.com

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